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About the Jamboree!
The Riverside Wranglers

Let's Dance!!

Howdy!, and welcome to our web site! We are The Riverside Wranglers or better known to our friends as Kim, Tim and Barbara. We are a dance / instruction team based in Athens, Alabama. Currently we are teaching country western line and couples dances at The Good Time Jamboree in Athens. Our class is offered on Saturday nights from 7 - 8 p.m. but the time frame may be changed as class size increases. We would love to have everyone come and join us while we all learn new and fun dances. So come out and join us!

Click on the line dancers below for more information about the Jamboree.

More About the Jamboree!

This week we will be teaching the Cowboy Macarena. This is one of the dances that we would like to do when we take our field trip to the nursing home in Moulton. Kim will be teaching this dance on May 19, 2001, so if you're planning on going on the field trip be sure to be here for the class that night. We will more than likely have a good bit of time left after we learn this dance so we will find another dance to work on along with the scheduled one.

Yee Ha! Fun Stuff

Coming soon!

Dance of the Month
Field Trips?

If for any reason you need to contact us... questions, step sheet request by e-mail, help with dance steps,or any ideas you would like to share please E-Mail us using the link below. Please state the nature of your e-mail in the subject line.

Riverside Wranglers Mailbox!